Thoughts on Abortion

Abortion rates in the West are staggering. According to WHO, there are approximately 125,000 abortions worldwide, daily, which adds up to between 40-50 million, yearly. I suspect I have a fairly standard right-wing stance on the issue of abortion; I think it’s wrong, except in very extreme circumstances, such as rape, deformity in the child, or when it endangers the life of the mother.

If you want to have sex without getting pregnant, you have a plethora of options; there are contraceptive methods for every color of the rainbow, it seems, and perhaps even more. There are numerous ways to prevent pregnancy. If you still manage to get pregnant, it is no one’s fault but your own.

It seems to me that the pro-abortion (or pro-choice) side are looking for ways to not take responsibility, and ways to not call it murder. “It is not really murder, because it’s not a child yet, it’s a fetus!” Well, you’re still killing what would have been your child, aren’t you? Whether or not it is yet a child is irrelevant, you’re still killing the child growing inside you because it is inconvenient for it to do so. To make such a distinction only serves to distance yourself from the reality of the situation, to not make yourself complicit in the killing of children.

The pro-choice side is deeply nihilistic (this goes for most of the modern West in general, sadly), and life has no inherent value to them. It is all about them and all about the present. They will argue in favor of anything that will let them continue in their current, shallow fashion. It is not convenient to have a child, therefore abortion (nevermind about adoption).

Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519; The Virgin and Child

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