Burying Your Head in the Sand


In the wake of the very recent terror attack in Stockholm, I decided (against my better judgement) to read the mainstream news coverage of the act. The first article I came across was one which related prime minister Stefan Löfven’s reaction to the atrocity. Predictably, he intends to do nothing. Instead he insists that “terrorists can never win against Sweden”, to which the obvious reply is, they already have. To simply insist that terrorism can never win like it is a magic spell that will simply make it so, is delusional at best.

I am deeply saddened that the Swedish people don’t have leaders that intend to protect them, to do whatever is in their power to prevent further attacks. The truth is that the Swedish elite is so spineless, so utterly ball-less, that they would rather their own people were raped, maimed and killed than do what was necessary to see this madness come to an end. What is the publicly elected in Sweden for if not to have the interests of the Swedish people at heart? To simply maintain an economic unit? Would it not be truly worrying if the Japanese government threw the Japanese people to the dogs? Or the Indian? Would there not be something deeply wrong with these societies? Then why is this more or less accepted when it is the Swedish government, or the German, or the French or British?

To Stefan Löfven (and all the other politicians in Western Europe, for that matter), should you by some freak chance ever read this: Get your fucking head out of the sand, take responsibility for your actions and do whatever is in your power to help your people. You have blood on your hands right now. Grow a pair of balls, you eunuch, and do something. Now. If you do not, the public will never forgive you, I assure you; and you will be remembered as a weakling and a traitor.

To the general public: hold your elected responsible. They have pushed for this, for years and years they have pushed for this (for their own monetary gain) while their peoples have taken the consequences; numerous dead (and many times more wounded) in terrorist attacks, countless women (and even children) raped; as well as a general falling level of security in our countries. Some neighbourhoods in our major cities are now so unsafe in fact that they are labelled “no-go-zones”, where even the police or medical services do not enter. There are now also many cities in Europe in which the main (ancestral) population is now a minority; if nothing is done, there will be many, many more.

I, for one, have had enough of terror attacks, and suspect that most people would agree with that statement. I just hope they realize that this cannot be solved by chanting that terrorism can never, ever win; of course it can.



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