The Shadow Over Stockholm


There is a shadow over Stockholm, and over the rest of Sweden; and in fact over the much of the West itself. This shadow is spreading and now covers almost all the European countries, leaving destruction in its wake. Few attempt to banish this shadow; most prefer instead to cower before it, hoping to be spared.

I hope something good can come from this tragedy, although I suspect the public will simply light candles and pray for Stockholm, and then patiently wait for the next attack, when they will again light candles and pray for whichever city happens to be the center of another attack. And of course endlessly repeat to themselves (and anyone who’ll listen) NotAllMuslims, NotAllMuslims.

My deepest condolences to those affected by this terrible act. And to the politicians and journalists who have worked so tirelessly to bring this about, a very sincere fuck you.

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