Children, Age Restrictions and Online Pornography

The average age for a child today to have their first exposure to pornography is 11. This is highly disturbing, and deeply worrying. Some might argue that this is an unavoidable effect of living in the age of the internet, but surely something can be done to avoid this, to prevent it.

Pornography is an insidious, destructive force, and more should be done to prevent its influence on our young. The current age restriction system is simply laughable, and is not going to stop anyone.

So what can be done? Well, to my mind the best solution seems to be to have the access to pornography sites disabled with the purchase of an internet connection. And should you want to have access to pornography, you’d have to contact the internet purveyor, and have them enable it for you. I don’t pretend to be knowledgeable enough about technology to know if this would be workable, but to me it seems a decent solution, at least in absence of any better ones. It would restrict access to pornography, not just among children, but the general public, all the while being open to those who would still want to watch it.

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